Random Favorites & The Beauty Of Blogging

by Holly Swasko

The thing I've come to love about blogging is that it can be about anything your heart desires at the moment. For me, the art of makeup and the whole beauty and fashion industry is what I very much enjoy writing about.  The possibilities are endless. Yet sometimes theres those days where you just have no set plan on what your writing. You just take it as you go, type out your unplanned thoughts and ideas, and something beautiful ends up coming together. The beauty of blogging, my friends. There are no rules.

This is one of those days. There's no true theme to this post, just my urge to share some things I've been loving lately. :)

So here  we go!

Pictured is a mix of randoms, some of which I can't leave the house without, and others which are recently discovered and waiting to be shared!


I've always loved these lip glosses from Revlon. They sell in a wide range of colors from bright magentas to fiery corals. But this one shade in particular is something I can't leave the house without lately. The shade Rosy Future is a gorgeous sheer nude color with just the right amount of dusty pink tone to really flatter my skin. It has a subtle shimmer to it too. It goes on smooth, and never sticky, which is perfect. I find that no matter how pretty a shade is of a lip gloss, the consistency can really make or break it. This formula is perfect because it's light and although you may have to reapply it from time to time, I find it way better than a lip product that becomes cakey and sticky throughout the day, (gross,  I know but there is an ugly side to some beauty products out there, right?)

Moving on the next product was such an amazing find, and it's now my current FAVORITE mascara. 


Maybelline's newest mascara is definitely a winner. (Can we just take a moment for the packaging alone?! I have a thing for rose gold anything.) The small bristles enclose a slightly curved wand that really contours to the natural shape of the lash line making your lashes long and "fanned out" as described. I got the shade blackest black, as usual. Lately I've been curling my lashes, applying a coat, and then after it dries, I curl them again and repeat. It makes for a great application. Mascara is so important for any eye makeup look  as it pulls it all together. Try it out!

This next product is something I actually was forced into buying. After hitting pan on my old blush, I ran to the drugstore to pick up something to use for the time being, but to be honest, I don't want to go back. 

TRY: CoverGirl Classic Color Blush in Soft Mink 

Usually I like choosing blushes that can mimic a bronzer as well. It's kind of that in-between shade of rosy and bronze that I'm always drawn to. This one is the perfect example of that. I apply this on my apples up to my temples and it results in this amazing glow that lasts all day!

Moving on to other beauty products, warmer weather means shorts, skirts, dresses. Say hello to gorgeous skin with this product!


I wouldn't exactly categorize this as a self tanner. It produces the slightest tint and it's perfect for your legs if your looking for a great moisturizer. It's perfects your skin tone and gets rid of any redness or dryness you might have. Think of it as the BB creams that you know and love but as a full body moisturizer. It has the same benefits of BB cream like hydrating, firming, correcting and illuminating. 


I have yet to try the matching conditioner, but as far as I know, this shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and ready to style for the day!

Well, I hope this inspired you all to try some of my current favorites! You never know what you may stumble upon at the drugstore! The beauty industry is full of surprises, and is always a fun world to explore. 

So stay inspired, keeping learning, and as always, clothe yourself in confidence :)

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