Think Spring: Haircare Edition | April Product Roundup

by Holly Swasko

What I want my hair to be like at all times: Fresh, full, staying in place. What spring and summer often bring: Rain, humidity, and moisture. See the dilemma?

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for all of the beautiful weather that’s yet to come, but we all know that the heat and April showers can spring (no pun intended) a challenge on us at the most inopportune when it comes to styling and maintaining those hairstyles.

But luckily, products can come to the rescue when we need them most. Here are my top 3 I’ve found this month that have been helping my hair to be all that I want it to be; fresh, full, in place, and bright for spring!

The Rundown

Batiste Clean & Light Bare Dry Shampoo


I’ve always been a fan of Batiste dry shampoos, but I recently tried out this scent for the first time and it quickly became my favorite among the rest of them I’ve tried! It’s light and feminine, with notes of floral and vanilla and isn’t too heavy at all! It definitely does the job of keeping my hair refreshed between washes and doubles as a volumizer. I not only use it on my roots to refresh, but also spritz it on fresh waves to give them some extra grip and fullness!

OGX Honey Hold Mega Hairspray


This is another product where I can't help but note the fragrance - it’s like a perfume! Amber is one of my favorite scents, so I think that’s why I love it so much. Besides that being a plus, this stuff really does lock your hair in place and dries without feeling sticky. It’s buildable and definitely leaves you with that extra fullness and bounce.

OGX Lavender Platinum Shampoo

1969-12-31 06.jpg

After a few days of dry shampoo and hairspray buildup, it’s nice to get a deep clarifying without ruining your color. I decided to try this one after running out of my usual purple shampoo, and I’ve been a big fan! It leaves my hair clean - not stripped - and I find that it does the job of removing some of the brassiness in my blonde as well. (OGX has some great shampoos and conditioners out there - I also love their Bonding Plex line!)

Rain or shine, a good hair day can always give you that little extra boost of confidence. Do you have any recent favorites? Share them with me in the comments or by using the hashtag #clotheinconfidence on Instagram!

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