#ConfidenceChat | Sharing Your Light + Turning Yesterday's Insecurities Into Tomorrow's Platforms To Inspire

by Holly Swasko

I was once asked, "if your blog could reach anyone, who would it be?" I thought of my middle school self; or anyone who has ever felt like her. If I could go back in time and give that girl a hug, I would. And here's what I'd say:

I would tell her that she's beautiful, regardless of whatever number was on the scale that morning. I would tell her that her worth amounts to way more than just a calorie count. I would tell her that true confidence wouldn't come from any amount of crunches or fleeting fad diets she tried. I would tell her all the curves and "flaws" she saw we're things she'd grow to love, in time. And maybe I'd tell her about vulnerability. And about how one day she'd soon be turning the insecurities she felt in the moment into stories for the internet. 

But if I were to sit there and tell that girl that I'm perfect and now have it all figured out, I'd be lying. (Because really, who does, let's be real.). But if there's anything I could say that I'd want her or you to hear today, hear this;. You are a precious heart, mind, and vessel before any sort of quantity. You have purpose, you have gift, you have stories for a reason. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. No size, no number, no certain look, nor inches lost, will ever be able to take that away from you.

So let this be your midweek reminder that there are hearts out there that might need a story just like yours, just like that middle schooler did. So stop hiding that light of yours no matter how small you think it is; it could very well be enough to brighten up someone else's path.

May yesterday's greatest insecurities turn into tomorrow's launching pad and become our platforms to inspire.  


Happy Wednesday.

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