Sip In Style | Fashion-Forward Hydration ft. Healthish WB-1 Bottles!

by Holly Swasko

I know, I know, I know. You've heard these words many times before - from your favorite magazines, the news, probably even your own mom - The words,  "drink more water," we hear all to often, but do we really follow through? 


I've been there, sure. You set a goal to drink X amount of glasses in X amount of hours. You start off great, convincing yourself that you feel healthier and more hydrated with every sip whilst looking in the mirror convincing yourself that your skin is clearing up by the second. The next day? Still going strong. The day after that? Life happens. You've fallen off the bandwagon.

 I know. Been there, done that, let's be real. 

But as with anything health-wise in my book, any major change you want to make can't be forced, nor can it be rushed. It truly begins with the small tune-ups and tweaks that eventually become part of your lifestyle So if stepping up your hydration game is your concern, then I got a little something to help you out! 

TRY: The Healthish WB-1 Bottle


Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot some photos for Healthish (you can check out some of my shots in the gallery below!) and at the same time, I've really come to enjoy making the bottle a part of my everyday routine. It has hourly markers on both sides (from morning-afternoon to afternoon-evening) which serve as little visual goals that have definitely made me more aware and conscious of my intake.

Each bottle you drink is 1 liter, so drinking down two a day brings you right up to the good old 8x8 (8 8oz glasses a day) rule that you probably hear about alllllll the time. And I have to say - it's actually really easy to do if you're keeping up and meeting the small goals each hour.

And to get you even more motivated, here's a few benefits to think about straight from Healthish's website: 

Increased energy levels and relieves fatigue
Improves moods
Assists with weight loss
Flushes out toxins
Improves skin complexion
Boosts immune system
Prevents headaches, cramps and sprains
Aids digestion

The design of the bottle itself is chic. The frosted plastic and brass cap keeps it minimal yet also can serve as a sleek little addition if you happen to be out and about. Not to mention the little bit of humor on the front that keeps things real: 

We know it’s hard to create healthy habits, but relax, we’re not asking you to snort chia seeds eight times a day. Start with more water: a little each hour. Sure, you’ll pee more, but each time you go, you’re flushing out toxins. You also get more breaks at work.

All jokes aside, I love their genuine and down-to-each message. It's not about following the latest fads and it's certainly not about everyday perfection - it's just about taking things day by day, making healthy habits a lifestyle not a chore, and celebrating the little things in life; like being hydrated (and the extra breaks that come with it of course!) 

So here's to sipping in style, here's to feeling your best both inside & out, and here's to the little things. Happy Friday! 


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