#GetTheLook | Easy, Undone, End of Summer Transitioning ft. The Oversized Blouse

by Holly Swasko in

Happy August, friends! It's been a minute since I've posted here on the blog...and in all honesty, a minute is kind of like how long July seemed to last! All of these warm days, long evenings, spontaneous adventures, and summer festivities have been a joy but have flown by, nonetheless, and I hope you can say the same! 

Now that the season is nearing the wind-down phase, it's never too early to begin gathering some transitional pieces for both the now and later. 

Call me crazy, but I've had pretty sweet luck while scavenging through my fair share of clearance racks. Like it's there, it's all marked down, you just gotta do some digging to find the gold. And that's exactly what happened on a recent trip to H&M. I wasn't looking for anything in particular - just a way to spend a random, old store-credit card I found in my purse, let's be real. 

After a few minutes of hanger-pushing as well as a few hits & misses, I found this relaxed, oversized fit blouse that I instantly fell in love with. It was the only one like it on the rack, so I had no choice with the size, but I'm sure glad it worked out like that, because it sparked and inspired a newfound love not only for now, but for the cooler seasons ahead. 


There's something about an oversized basic blouse that's so effortless, undone and "borrowed from the boys" yet still can be styled in a way that remains chic and put-together. This one I found features a v-neck, a faint striped pattern, and a a slight rounded high-low hem. I've been pairing with my favorite black shorts and skinny belts (like this taupe steal linked above!)...and adding in a slight front-tuck is always my favorite!


For the cooler seasons ahead, the possibilities are endless and I'm already dreaming about all of them...I'm thinking black or blue denim skinnies with heeled ankle boots or a short pair of pumps... (okay, I'm really dreaming now...can we just fast forward to fall?!)

Want more? Check out and shop a few more of these picks that I am currently eyeing below!

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Do you have any transitional pieces you're working into your wardrobe at the moment? Share 'em with me using #clotheinconfidence on Instagram! 

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