What's New In Beauty | Almay's Class of 2018 - New Makeup Line + Product Details!

by Holly Swasko

As stores continue to stock their shelves with new products in time for spring and summer, vivid and bright colors along with lighter, fresher formulas are starting to emerge... and let me tell you, I'm so ready for it! 

Among all of the brands in the drugstore, I was so excited when I got the chance to try out some of Almay's new products! They not only revamped their brand and packaging, but have also introduced the Almay Class of 2018 which speaks to the new, refreshing message of celebrating creativity & individuality - and their vibrant new line of products definitely do a good job of reflecting just that! 

Scroll to discover some products from the new line! 

There's something about a bright highlight that can just wake up your complexion and give you the healthiest glow. This gel highlight gives you the most dewy sheen and looks gorgeous alone or even tapped over another powder highlight! It comes in two shades that both feature this super flattering iridenscence + moisture! (Shade featured: Unicorn Light)


Wearing a heavy lip color in the summer heat can get messy and just plain uncomfortable. These new glosses are super light and add the slightest tint of color to your lips that can easily be swiped on by themselves or over your favorite lip color for some dimension! The texture of these are perfect - they blend in nicely without feeling sticky! (Shades featured: Flame, Angelic, and Halo)


A little hint of shimmer can be so pretty in the summertime when the sun is shining. These shadows are perfect for just that. They have such a frosty glow with really great color payoff. Whether you want just a hint of color, or you want your eyes to be the main focus, these are fun little palettes that you can play around with to create different looks. I've been loving the Fairy Tail shades for a bright inner corner! (Shades featured: Pixie Kiss and Fairy Tail)

Black eyeliner is always a staple in my makeup kit, and finding one that is both rich and easy to apply is key! These eyeliner pens are like little markers that make it super easy to control - some liquid liners can be more like paint brushes, and I find that those can often be leaky and messy! This type of applicator gives you a ton of extra precision, grip, and keeps the product where you want it! 


And to remove everything at the end of the day, I'm a huge fan of using makeup wipes before cleansing! When I added this step into my routine a few years ago, I noticed a huge difference in my skin and realized how much extra product I was leaving behind on my skin even though you couldn't see it! These are great because they're hypoallergenic and are great for sensitive skin types! Try adding in this step if you don't already have it in your routine! It makes a world of difference. 

So whatever looks you're wearing this spring + summer, be sure to remember what the Almay Class Of 2018 is all about by having fun celebrating and expressing who you are through it! Wear what you love with confidence - always!

As always you can share your looks with me by using hashtag #clotheinconfidence on Instagram!

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