5 Tips For Getting Into Blogging | Finding Passion, Motivation, & Social Media Realness!

by Holly Swasko in ,

Take it from me - I know I puzzling the world of blogging can be! (heck, I still have questions of my own sometimes!) But luckily, no one truly has it all figured out. There's no set, scientific formula as to what makes a good blog a good blog! However, what I do believe a blog should be is a reflection of who you are! So if you want to adventure into the world of blogging, then go for it! I always say, someone may be in need of hearing your own unique message, so if you've got a passion, then there is nothing stopping you from starting one of your own! It all starts with you!

So to switch it up this week, I filmed a video detailing my 5 tips on getting into blogging & some advice! So get ready to kick back (because it's a chatty one!) and watch below!  

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these in the future! 

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