Dress Up Time | Soft & Classy Valentine's Day Hair + Makeup Inspiration!

by Holly Swasko

Happy mid-February! It's cold, snowy, and that holiday aisle in the grocery store has done away with the Christmas trees and candy canes and is now filled with filled with heart shaped chocolate boxes, teddy bears, roses, and everything red & pink! In other words, Valentine's Day is just a few days away!

Maybe you have date night plans, maybe you're goin' solo. Regardless of whatever your plans or relationship statuses may be, you don't EVER need an excuse in my book to get a little more dressed up than usual! Just go for it if that's what makes you feel your best! So if you're in need of some inspiration and want to try out a new look, I've got you covered this year with this simple, gorgeous hairstyle and rosy toned makeup! Read on to get the details! 

for the hair | romantic & curly low-ponytail:


1. Curl - Curl all the way around using small-medium sized sections of hair with a smaller barrel curling iron or bubble curling wand. I've been using the Bed Head Rock N' Roller - it's amazing for both ringlets and messy waves that last! 


2. Relax + spray - Shake your curls out, brush the ends a little to relax them, play with it until you achieve the texture you like, and give it good spray. I use Tresseme TRES Two Extra Hold!

3. Tease + style - After spraying, I take the top section of my hair (gathered starting at my ears and straight back), divide it into 3 sections, and tease each section before pulling it back into the ponytail. This will give you that extra lift! After teasing, tilt your head slightly back and pull all of your hair into a low ponytail. Feel free to pull some face framing pieces out and tug at the crown for extra volume! Don't worry about it being perfect - a little messy is good! 


for the makeup | soft pink eye & burgundy lip combo




I paired this rosy look with a simple highlight, contour, and bronze wash to give my skin a little more glow! I love this because it's one of those looks that is super easy to adjust. You could swap out the red lip for a nude or even the play around with the intensity of the shadows depending on you're preference! It's all up to you - whatever makes you most confident, do that, and you're bound to glow both inside and out!

All in all, just remember; Valentine's Day is just one day, and plans or not, just know you are loved and worthy of feeling like your best self every day of the year! So enjoy it!

As always, you can share your Valentine's Day looks with me using hashtag #clotheinconfidence on Twitter or Instagram! 

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