Formulate Personalized Haircare | What It Is, What I Think, & How You Can Join The Movement!

by Holly Swasko in

Hair is important; it’s something I’ve always seen as an accessory. I love wearing it different ways and getting to style it any way that I’m feeling each day. From sleek straight styles to my favorite pumped up waves, to the perfect, right-amount-of-messy ponytail - good hair days are a total confidence booster, I think we can all agree. With that being said, keeping it healthy and strong, I’ve learned, is key to keeping those days on repeat.


If you follow me on social media, you might have been hearing me talk about a new line of haircare that I got to help launch and test out called Formulate back in June/July! A few months later, after lots of hard work and bottling happening over at the Formulate Labs in Missouri, the first batch of bottles were sent out and arrived at my door, all ready for me to put to the test. Now, I’m ready to share what I think, what I’ve noticed, and how you can get to trying it out for yourself!

ICYMI, here’s the rundown: Formulate is a line of personalized shampoo and conditioner that launched in July 2018. Users begin by taking a quiz a.k.a, “The Hair Wizard,” to analyze their hair type so that the proper ingredients can be selected. The quiz is super thorough analyzes things like hair density, length, daily habits, user’s climate, as well as the user’s long-term hair goals. (You can check out my profile & results here!) From there, the chemists at Formulate labs select personalized ingredients, bottle it up, and ship it straight to you! Their goal is to provide targeted and effective haircare eliminating the need for extra products, money, waste and time spent in the haircare aisle. (Guilty!)

My ingredient breakdown:

Each shipment comes with a pamphlet detailing what and why each specific ingredient was selected for you. I liked this because it allowed me to learn and to know that each one had a purpose and that I’m not just putting a bunch of crazy fillers and chemicals on my hair. Here’s a look at what was in mine:

  • Acetamide MEA: Adds sheen + improved texture of damaged strands.

  • Yeast Extract: An antistatic that increases manageability.

  • Lauryl Glucoside (sugar/lipid derived soap): - A natural surfactant used for gentle cleansing.

  • Keratin: Known for it’s strengthening + protective qualities.


Key things I noticed:

  • Fullness - For me, volume is a must-have for my hair. I like my styles big - not flat! But, I have super long hair, which makes it a bit heavier and harder to pump up, but my hair was left feeling nice and thick after washing.

  • Cleanliness - I’m a hairspray freak, not gonna lie, and I’m definitely one to let my styles go for a few days - that said, product buildup is real sometimes, and this left my hair feeling clean but not dry and stripped!

  • Manageability - I noticed that my hair was a lot easier to style. There was definitely less frizz and my waves stayed in place with a lot less effort.

  • Fragrance - I chose the Tidal scent with a medium strength and really liked it’s fresh and not-too-overpowering fragrance. (There are several others you can choose from as well!)


Things that could improve:

  • The only thing that I noticed that could improve is the conditioner. I found it to be a little too rich and heavy for my liking, so I have to use it very sparingly and focus it more toward my ends - otherwise, I noticed my hair feels a bit coated and weighed down if I use too much.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed being along for the ride with Formulate these past few months. I learned a ton, got to reflect my own hair goals, and really got to delve into what goes into crafting quality haircare. I love their core values and will to celebrate individuality - because no two hair types are certainly the same! Above all, I found it great that they take time to get to know each user to help them look and feel their best. I’m excited to see what’s in store for them in the future!


If you want to get started, head on over to Formulate’s website to join the movement!

Now let’s talk: What’s are some things you want to accomplish through your haircare? Let me know by using hashtag #clotheinconfidence on Instagram! I want to hear from you!

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