Happy New Year 2018 | Un-Resolutions & Being Our Best Selves

by Holly Swasko

So we made it; 2018 is here!

On the first day of this new year, I always love taking time to look back on the year that's now behind us to remember all the good times as well as the not-so-great moments - the ups and the downs - our best days as well as those bumps in the road. Whatever you want to call them, now's time to be grateful for the good, take what we can from our "not-so-greats," and move into the new year with grateful hearts, confidence and the never-ceasing will to keep growing and learning. To me, that's what makes each new year beautiful.

But especially now, it's all too often we overlook all that we did do and we succumb to the pressures of making resolutions. When calendars flip, there’s this certain pressure in the air that tells us to change something about ourselves, about our lives, and more often, how we look. Changes can be good, but we must make out of our own genuinity, willingness and wellbeing, not just because January 1st is here once again. 

Losing X-amount of pounds in X-amount of months, gaining X-amount of pounds, going to the gym x-amount of times for x-amount of hours per week. See where I'm going?

If you have a numerical goal that you’ve genuinely been wanting to achieve for your health and yourself, then by all means, want it first and go out there and DO it. But if you’re sitting here still feeling obligated to fulfill some type of set quantity or number within the next year because everyone else is doing it or in order to attain a certain look, then stop right there. 

Erase those thoughts.

If we succumb to the pressures around us of changing something each year and we do so solely out of pressure and vanity, it often leads to an unhealthy game of numbers and obsession over looks. 

It feels good to look back and celebrate your achievements at the end of the year. It feels good to be fulfilled. It feels good to feel accomplished. But don't think that chasing after a number or appearance is the only way to do so. You're much, much more than that. 

On my blog, I'm always emphasizing ways of how we can look and feel our best selves so that we can live our best lives. Let's bring that into 2018 with us and focus not on the numbers that we feel pressured to chase, but rather the happiness we can feel by taking the best care of ourselves, being kinder to ourselves, and allowing ourselves to do more of the things we love all while remaining exactly who we are. Our own genuine selves. 

So this year, let's do something greater. Let's make it a promise to do what makes us feel like our best selves. Like walking a bit kinder each day, remembering to have moments where we laugh until our sides hurt. Slowing down. Helping others, forgiving others. Listening. Creating. Sharing your own unique message. All that you love, just DO. If that's not something to celebrate and feel good about, then I don't know what is. 

 Hello 2018 + happy New Year!

All the best. 


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