Drugstore Beauty Find | Maybelline City Mini Palettes + #MOTD Inspiration!

by Holly Swasko

Out of all different types of cosmetics, eyeshadows are the true paints of the makeup world. You can blend them, mix them, intensify them, soften them... not to mention all of the different mediums and colors they come in. But you sit and play with them, you find that you can create your own little "masterpiece" to showcase to the world. Whether it's a bold, smoked out statement or a rather delicate wash of neutral sheen, it's up to you to create whatever your you're in the mood for. At the end of the day, it all washes off anyway, right? 

An artist can never have too many paints in their kit, which is maybe why I love hunting for new eyeshadows so much. I love a good mix of creamy shimmers and mattes, and when I saw these City Mini Palettes from Maybelline, I was entirely sold and knew they needed a spot on the blog.

Try: Maybelline City Mini Eyeshadow Palettes

They say that good things come in small packages, and this is the perfect example. Seriously, the quality is so impressive and I love how the colors are packed into such a convenient size; perfect for throwing into a purse or travel bag. You get 3 buttery shimmer-flecked shades as well as 3 mattes to mix, match and have fun creating with. The best part is how pigmented and smooth they go on. 

The one I decided to add to my collection first was Downtown Sunrise. I've been looking for warmer peaches, coppers, and reds for fall and when I saw the mix of light neutrals as well as that amazing orangey-peach shade that this one came with, I new it would make for some stunning looks for both daytime and nightime. 


For the look pictured, I used a mix of the white gold and well as the pink shimmer on my lid, the orangey-peach shade in my crease, and the chocolate brown to deepen the outer corner. Top it off with some winged liner and mascara and you've got yourself a gorgeous warm eye look that's perfect for fall.

I love the theme of the palettes as well and how they are all centered around elements of an urban setting. Names like"Girls Night Glimmer," "Rooftop Bronze," and "Graffiti Pops," all scream lively city-esque visions and are just another fun addition to accompany the palette of your choice!

Have you taken a look at some of the other palette combonations? Let me know which one is your favorite! Until then, I'll be dreaming about which one to put next on my list!  

So have fun with it and whatever your creative medium is, let this be your reminder to never ever stop creating! You may spark more inspiration or even inspire someone else! 

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