Brighter Days Ahead | Smile Brilliant Custom Whitening Trays Experience + GIVEAWAY!

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On early mornings, or even just on a lazy weekend morning, the first thing I reach for to get me going is a cup of fresh, black coffee. Sure, it's not the worst thing for you health-wise but in terms of my teeth, I've always known in the back of my mind that my morning must-have was causing my smile to not shine as bright as it could be.

 Believe me, I've had my fair share in trying out those hopeful, at-home, DIY concoctions that promise a whiter looking smile that only lead me to a mouth full of baking soda, lemon juice, and disappointing results.

 On the blog, I'm always discussing ways to look and more importantly feel your best. Your smile is kind of like your skin; when you're taking good care of it, you feel healthier, more confident, and look radiant! So, when Smile Brilliant reached out to me and offered me the chance to try out one of their at-home teeth whitening kits, I jumped at the chance to do so!

When it comes to clothing or makeup, I'm always looking for more budget-friendly options. With that being said, the cost of in-office teeth whitening sessions that promise a whiter smile can be expensive! What's great about Smile Brilliant is that they bring the professional whitening results you'd find at a dentist office to your own home.

To begin my brighter-smile journey, I received my whitening kit within a few days which included syringes of whitening gel, directions, as well as the tools needed to create the custom molds of my teeth. The process of making my impressions only took a few minutes using the clay-like base + catalyst mixture provided. From there, I let it dry and mailed them off to the lab where the custom whitening trays could be created!

 After another few days, I received my whitening trays in the mail. Upon trying them on, I was so surprised at how comfortable they were to wear - both top and bottom! I could talk and open my mouth like normal which I was so happy about! The fact that they're so comfortable and customized to fit the shape of my teeth allows me to go about my day and not have to clear time in my schedule to whiten!

I find the process extremely simple. Almost too easy considering the results that you get! Just unwrap the syringe, apply a thin ribbon of whitening gel along the inside, and pop them in for up to 3 hours depending on your preference. (Want to see it in action? Click here for a look at how it works!) I started with only 45 minutes and saw an immediate difference! Additionally, if you have some sensitivity like me, then there's a solution for that! Smile Brilliant offers kits that come with a special desensitizing gel to allow your teeth to rehydrate, minimizing any discomfort you may have.

 After having my whitening kit for some time and doing 9 sessions of whitening, I took an after photo which you can check out below! Being able to see the results in front of you is amazing and really makes me a believer in the product. Each treatment is like a little confidence boost that you can count on every time.

So here's to drinking your favorite coffee without feeling guilty about the pesky stains that come with it and here's to all of the bold lipsticks that will pair so nicely with your brand new smile! Here's to confidence! 

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