Confidence Chat: The Mid-Winter Mindset

by Holly Swasko in ,

Each year, there's no doubt that winter seems to always drag on. There's also no doubt that everyone is feeling it. Days have been cold and the sun seems to have become a long-lost stranger to us Chicagoans. Summer feels like a world away and those sweaters you were just itching to wear a few months back (no pun intended) you're now just dieing to shed. 

However, somehow Chicago has been blessed with a sudden February warm spell. The sun has been shining, the temperature has hovered near 60, and there's no snow in sight (for now). Everyone is outside, I don't have to worry about bundling up before I step foot outside, and it's feels amazing to watch each pink sunset close out another gorgeous day. It was just a taste of the beauty of summer. And it was just the taste I needed to realize how much the weather can affect our mood. So before I continue sounding like a full-on meterologist, I promise there's a point to this blog post. 

What I'm trying to get at is that this gloomy-day, winter mindset is something we all tend to feel in one way or another. The holidays are over, your new year motivation might not be as fresh as it was on January 1st, and those stubborn, inevitable holiday pounds might still be hanging on. But guess what? There's no shame in this because soon we will be able to look back and smile at this short blah period of gloom and doom weather. 

So next time you're freezing and grow tired of the dryness in the air or the grey winter skies that seem to linger, just take a moment to revive your mid-winter mindset and remember; You will feel tan again. You will feel the heat of the sun again soon. Everything is going to bloom again. Days will be warmer, more colorful and simply a whole lot clearer. You're going to feel happier when that mood-boosting, confident dose of vitamin D hits you. And you know what? It's going to feel so good.  The wait just makes it sweeter. 

It's all so close. So keep in mind; warmer days are surely ahead.

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