2 Holiday Hairstyles, 1 Easy Routine | Voluminous Braid + Flawless Waves!

by Holly Swasko

In the last few days before the holidays, it might seem like you have twice as many things on your to-do list. Maybe you're cooking. Packing. Wrapping presents. Cleaning before the guests stroll in. Or maybe you're even still shopping... (me!). But at the end of the day, you deserve to feel your best self, regardless of what you still have left to do! Why? Because you're worth it!

So if you have the time, then drop everything, get off my blog, and go treat yourself to a blowout, a manicure, a pedicure, and a facial. I'm kidding. (No but seriously, if you can do that right now, then go). But that's likely not in the cards this Christmas Eve, and that's okay! Because what you do have time for is this super easy hair routine that starts out as one style only to seamlessly transition into another, saving you time and giving you an extra dose of confidence for wherever you'e headed. It's multitasking at its finest. Sound too good to be true? Maybe, but I don't lie. So keep reading to find out how to get my voluminous french braid that transitions into the perfect relaxed, feathery waves for the holidays!

The Looks


This voluminous french braid starts with a base of soft curling iron waves, and is then teased at 3 different points on the crown before pulling into the braid. Often times when we let our hair out of any kind of braid, we're left with piecy, frizzy, and crimped looking locks that aren't always ideal. However, these little extra steps will give a fuller look to your braid while setting and guaranteeing gorgeous post-braid waves. It makes them last longer too!

(*Note: If you're wanting to skip ahead to the waves only, then do this hair routine before your makeup or right when you wake up and wear the braid while you get ready. You can take it out when you're finished!)


Starting with clean hair, apply some volumizing mousse throughout your roots and in through your lengths. I like L'Oreal's Boost It Volume Inject Mousse. From there, let air dry or blow dry.



Don't worry about making it too perfect right now - just part wherever you'd like and then curl small to medium sized sections all around your whole head. I'm using my favorite NuMe Classic 25mm Wand. 

When you're done, gently brush it all to the back, and give it a good spray. I like lifting the top sections as I go for added volume. I've been using my current favorite Tresseme TRES Two Extra Hold!


Tease + Braid

Begin by taking a good-size top section from the crown and sides to begin your braid. Once you have it separated into the 3 sections, go ahead and tease each one individually with a teasing comb, gently back-combing the base to get that extra height. 

When you're done, use those sections to start your french braid, adding a little more hair in everytime you cross over until you reach the bottom. 

Secure and pull at the braid to make it looser and pull at the sides and crown to get more volume. In other words, don't be afraid to mess it up a little! Afterwards, you can spray it up a little more for extra hold!


Afterwards: The Taking Down

This is the easy part! Gently unravel the braid with your fingers to reveal your 2nd style! Feel free to re-part, tease a little more if needed, and spray to your liking! Perfectly undone waves are so chic, so don't stress if every little hair isn't curled to perfection; they aren't supposed to be. 

So that's it! You're done! Now you can get back to prepping your last-minute to-do's and look good while doing them! You deserve to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and feel your best self at the same time! Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes and some hairspray to pick you back up! 

Best wishes & happy holidays to all!

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