The Sweater Series No. 2 | Warm Chenille + Legging Combo

by Holly Swasko in

Happy Wednesday! This week on the blog is all about sweaters! Like I said before, in the midst of the holiday hustle along with weather that makes you want to crawl back under the covers, throwing on a cozy sweater can pretty much be the cure for most of your winter blues! Because they're such a classic favorite, I decided to compile my 3 favorite looks and release them throughout the week! 

In case you missed look #1, you can go back and check it out here, but if you're in need of more inspiration and ready for look #2 then join me and keep scrolling to get today's details!


Material is always a key thing to look for in a good sweater. No one likes being stuck in itchy, stiff fabric, so if you pay attention to what's in the mix, you're able to maintain that comfort and purchase a piece that you're sure to get use out of. 

The reason I've been loving this one in particular is because of the chenille knit. Especially this year, I've been noticing a lot more chenille knits popping up in stores. It's softer, slightly velvety and has the perfect amount of thickness without being overly bulky. It has a balanced, happy-medium feel that really makes it worth the buy. 

Aside from the feel, the varsity stripes and v-neckline are really what makes this sweater one of my favorites this season. The gold on here is actually a metallic knit which I thought gave it an extra little touch. And with the dropped shoulders and slightly longer hem, the fit is just right and doesn't leave me swimming in fabric! (I do reccommend sizing down, it's relaxed to begin with and the chenille gives it extra give! I am wearing a size small for reference!) 

Get the look: Chenille Varsity Cable-Knit Sweater  

And speaking of wanting to live in something all winter long, if you know me, you know I love my leggings... and you probably know the brand I'm about to say! If you're looking for a basic, flattering, and reliable pair, then please go treat yourself to a pair linked below (or several!) because I promise, it's even in the name; you will live in these. (Read my full rundown here!)

Shop my favorite leggings: Zella Live In Slim Fit Leggings  

Be sure to stay tuned for the 3rd and final look going live on FRIDAY!

Your turn! what do you look for in a good sweater? Be sure to show me your style using hashtag #clotheinconfidence on Instagram or Twitter! I want to hear from YOU!

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