Warmth Without The Bulk | Fall Layering With Vests

by Holly Swasko in

We still have quite the open window of time before we have to drag out our heavy winter coats in preparation for those snow-ridden, blustery days ahead of us. With temperatures dipping down below 0 in Chicago every year, sometimes a big puffy coat is the only thing that will keep you warm. But for now, I'm happy to hold off on the extra bulky fabric until I really need it... (I can't be the only one, right?)

In the meantime, fall is the perfect time to sport your favorite light jackets both indoors and out. I love classic green utility jackets like this cute pick from Forever 21. However, if your not in the mood for a full jacket, but still need a light layer, this vest from Uniqlo has been on repeat.  I think that it's definitely a piece that everyone could incorperate into their wardrobe for an easy yet stylish outfit that doesn't require much effort to throw together.


Try: Uniqlo Women's Ultra Light Down Vest

It may not seem like it, but this vest packs serious warmth into an outfit. Similar vests can be overly puffy and dense depending on their fill, but what I like about this one is the lighter, slimmer fit that remains flattering without skimping on warmth. Thanks to the down fill, you've got yourself a lightweight layer that keeps you cozy either layered over a basic, or even underneath your winter coat when the time comes. 

My favorite and probably most simple way to wear it is with any long-sleeve tee or a cute buttoned henley (as pictured) that contrasts with the color of the vest. Throw on some skinnies and boots, and you've got an easy fall #OOTD!

Another plus is that it comes with it's own little carrying bag. So if you're traveling, it makes packing a breeze because it rolls up and folds down to virtually nothing! It's also available in TWELVE different colors! So now that you have some outfits pairings in mind, the hardest part should be choosing your favorite shade (or you can just buy all of them, I won't judge). 

All joke aside, I personally love keeping my outfits fuss-free and all about the basics. You don't always need a ton of glitz and frills in order to look chic. It's sometimes the simplest of building blocks that end up looking the most effortless and put-together! 

What's your go-to look for the fall? Share your looks with me by using the hashtag #clotheinconfidence on Instagram or Twitter! I want to hear from YOU!

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