Confidence Chat | Tackling Insecurities

by Holly Swasko in ,

Insecurities are a real thing, period. And no, it's no one's fault. It's part of being human. 

Pretending you don't have any? Well that's an easy way out. But tackling them head on? That's where real change starts to happen.

It may seem ironic to be discussing insecurities on a blog with the word "confidence" in the name. But maybe it's just that; maybe our insecurities are often what leads us to confidence. Bringing these real things to life and giving them a voice has been my goal all along. Showing others that it's perfectly fine to have "blah" days and perfectly fine to have amazing days. Being honest about it all. It's about getting back up with that "word-in-the-name" itself; confidence. 

A long-time insecurity of my own? It's random but completely honest.

Wearing jeans. 

I know. A fashion blogger who fears wearing jeans. It's like a fish fearing water. A bird fearing heights. Why would anyone be afraid of wearing jeans?

Well, it's just plain simple and candid; leggings have been my default for years. Or, well, ever since I realized that I filled out in the back. In other words, my butt is the whole reason behind this insecurity (and *cough,* I shouldn't be stalling just to avoid admitting it). 

Day after day, I grew tired of limiting my outfits soley to a pair of trusty black leggings and whatever top I chose to wear that day. Heck, I'll always be a leggings girl, but a little variety to switch things up is always a good feeling. 

Thus, leading to my decision to put on a pair of jeans. And no, I didn't like them at first. They highlighted my legs. My hips weren't camoflauged in black. And the biggest problem, my butt was defined.

Stepping out for the first time in forever in a pair of jeans was a weird feeling, to say the least. The things I tended to hide for so long, and the things I've hated were no longer concealed in a pair of black leggings. 

After a few shopping trips and try-ons, I began to get over this legging-concealed fear of mine. And after a while, I learned to start to love my shape. To embrace it, and to begin to call it my own. 

So next time you doubt that you'll never wear something because your insecurities are stopping you, don't give up on it just yet. Have confidence to acknowledge your fear and face it head on. You never know what might happen, so let's face them together.

What do you wish to conquer next?

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