Beautify Your Content | Socialite Lighting Mini LED Ring Light - Portable Photo & Video Lighting

by Holly Swasko in ,

I once jokingly said that my life is essentially an eternal quest for the best selfie lighting. Though there's some humor found in this statement, there's also a layer of truth behind it. As visual content has grown to be such a huge component to social media these days through Instagram, blogs and even YouTube, I find myself always seeking out the best ways to improve visual quality... And quality starts with lighting. 

...And lighting can often be tricky. When you find it, the setting may not be ideal. Or, the most common, the setting is great but the lighting is nowhere to be found. There are just so many factors that play into the perfect shot for your content and my luck in the past with finding good lighting conditions without fancy box lights or windows has been a game of maybes and not quites up until recently. Now, I've learned that portability is key to accessing full creative freedom wherever you may be. 

TRY: Socialite Lighting Mini LED Ring Light - Portable Photo and Video Lighting

Being universally compatible with all smartphones and tablets, this mini LED ring light from Socialite Lighting brings  quality lighting to your content anywhere and anytime you may need it. Sometimes conditions aren't completely ideal but with the help of this compact accessory, any fuzzy impromptu group selfies, or even those spontaneous store-lit product shots can be prevented. 

With 3 different stages of light, the power button allows you to adjust to whichever brightness you may need. The light contains 32 mini LED bulbs, creating the most perfect, shadowless lighting for portraits or anything else you may need by changing the direction in which you clip it on to your device. It turns the usual grainy, dim photos into crisp, clear, well-lit shots. 

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This handy accessory is a universal content savior. Aside from being on the go, it can even work alone or in conjunction with other lighting sources to bring you amazing results when shooting makeup photos, product displays, video, and more!


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