Shop Smart | Versatile Pieces + End of Summer Dress Combo

by Holly Swasko in

Heading toward the end of the season of beach days and festivals, staying mindful and being conscious of what you put in your shopping cart at this time of year is important. A.) You can avoid being left with massive amounts of summer clothes that you're unable to wear in the fall/winter season and B.) It saves you a little extra cash by keeping unnecessary, non-versatile items out of your closet. However, it's not only something that I've been trying to keep in mind as of late, yet it's also something that should always be remembered regardless of what time of year it is (though sometimes those impulse buys may happen). Today's #OOTD snippet is inspired by this little philosophy of shopping smart and thinking ahead about other possible style pairings. Read on to get the look and to shop the links below!

This basic floral bodycon I found online at Forever21 is great for this season's transitioning period. Featuring a darker floral pattern, it's fits this time of year perfectly as it doesn't scream winter darks nor does it scream spring pastels. I find it works best as a base for layering. Whether it's paired with a denim or utility jacket, or a cardigan as featured, it balances between both summer and fall making for a seamless transition. 

Shop: Open-back Floral Dress

Some of my ultimate style staples are slightly over-sized drape cardigans. They can add a chic and pulled-together touch to any outfit. They can be worn with so many different pieces, providing infinite combonations for an instantly new look. This one is one of my top picks for this year. I can't wait to pair it with some leggings and heeled ankle booties!

Shop: Marled Knit Drape Cardigan


Remember to shop smart and be sure to share your looks with me via my social media! Stay tuned for more and keep up with the latest below!