Fresh Summer Makeup | Sweat Cosmetics Twist Brush + Mineral Foundation Demo

by Holly Swasko in

Sometimes it's simply the act of stepping outside in the summer heat that has us thinking, "Oh why, oh why did I put foundation on my face today?" Or maybe that "little bit" of makeup you wore to the gym seems like a week's worth as it's melting off.  But in the end, it all comes down to looking and feeling your best wherever you are, so why let that cakey foundation stop you? Whatever situation has you feeling like you need to revamp your melt-proof makeup routine, consider it solved. Read on to get the details on the makeup brand and product that will be the answer to your summertime prayers!

Try: Sweat Cosmetics Twist Brush + Mineral Foundation

Sweat Cosmetics is a line of face products (including foundations, bronzers, and illuminators) specifically designed for active beauty and on-the-go girls! With the conveniance of the on-the go twist-brush, Sweat products can be taken anywhere and everywhere to suit your needs with. Tired of breakouts and that pore-clogging heaviness that sits atop your skin? Sweat Cosmetics are breathable and are formulated with oil-free, talc-free, natural, skin-loving ingredients so there's no need to worry about your makeup taking a toll on your skin.  

This mineral foundation has been a wonderful component to my makeup routine these past few months. With great coverage and the addition of SPF 30, it makes getting ready so easy in the morning - for whatever kind of weather or activity that lies ahead of me.  

Personally, I moisturize, spot treat with concealer if needed, and then brush on some of the mineral foundation using the twist-brush wherever I need coverage. The coverage is beautiful and it lasts for hours. If you ever need a touch-up, feel free to toss the twist-brush in your bag for on-the-go use. Its compact size makes it so easy to store!  

Check out my tutorial below to learn how to use the brush along with the foundation!

(*I am wearing and applying shade 100. Shade 200 is featured on the right during the clip below!)

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