Find Your Signature Scent | Featured Brand: Pinrose

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A portal to the past, an identifier, something that's able to describe without speaking: Scent. 

Some scents have a way of invoking certain memories. We often link them to a certain time, place, or even season. But the scent you wear should define you. Whether it's girly, elegant, floral, or bold, there's a perfume out there waiting for you. An easy one-stop shop to help find your signature scent(s)? 

Try: Pinrose

Pinrose is a fragrance brand that not only creates a wide array of beautiful scents, but also tailors each one to fit a certain persona, making it easy to pick one (or a few!) to match your unique self! 

Wondering whether you're more of a "Campfire Rebel" or a "Tambourine Dreamer"? Pinrose makes it easy with a fun and quick personality quiz based on colors, shapes, sound, and even places to get to know your personality. From there, the quiz matches you with some scent reccomendations to get you inspired!

Available in Petal Packs (frangrace pouches for on-the-go use) or in full-sized bottles, you can learn more about each scent by exploring the online store here. 

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I tried out the two newest scents, "Gilded Fox" and "Wild Child." Both being very different from each other, it's no doubt that they were both carefully crafted and beautiful smelling! Along with the full sized bottle comes a small booklet breaking down each scent's notes and even recommendations for layering. (Studying the descriptions really helped me learn about the different notes and ingredients that make up a particular scent!)

"Gilded Fox" includes ingredients such as cocoa, rum, and vetiver, making it a very warm, rich, spiced scent. If you like cocoa or cocoa butter, then this is definitely the way to go. "Wild Child" includes ingredients like gardenia, jasmine, and plumeria making for a very delicate, floral, and feminine pick.

Have you gone perfume hunting only to find yourself with a purse full of tester cards and scents that all begin to smell the same? Those days are over. Head to to fall in love with your new signature scent! 

Wanna get inspired? Head to Pinrose's Pinterest feed to check out their stylish scent-inspired mood boards here!

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