#MOTD | Copper + Silver Metallic Shadows

by Holly Swasko in

Whether you like to stick to the mattes on an everyday basis, or you like to go full glam with a palette of glitter; sometimes the smallest changes in your routine can be a refreshing way to liven up your look and get away from the everyday norm. 

For this #MOTD, I did a little experiementation with some Viva Glam shadows from Kryolan. The combonation of the copper, chestnut, and silver metallics made for a stunning glow that pairs well with the warmer season now upon us. The secret to this seamless, pigmented look? Just add water! Simply wet your brush, blot out the excess, and apply your eyeshadow as you normally would. I find that this method works beautifully with these particular shadows linked above, and hopefully you will too! Want to get the complete look? Read on to get the full rundown of products used!

2016-04-30 08.39.01 1.jpg
2016-04-24 01.37.01 1.jpg