Spring Cleaning Series No. 1 | Garnier SkinActive™ Micellar Cleansing Waters

by Holly Swasko in ,

During Spring cleaning, it's out with the old and in with the new! In this mini series, I'll be sharing some of my new favorite skincare products to update your routine and hopefully give your regime a little boost for the change in season. With that being said, make sure to be on the look out in the next few weeks for more product spotlights coming soon! 

So speaking of "out with the old, in with the new," what I'll be sharing today actually dates back to over a hundred years ago, according to Elle online. However, in the beauty world today, the technology of micelles have suddenly reclaimed their spot as the current hot and trending way of makeup removal. And upon some trials, I've found it to be a gentle yet effective way to take off even a day's worth of makeup and oil all in one step. 

Want to read deeper into the science of it all? I broke it down in an earlier blog post in which you can read further by clicking here. If not, then I've still got you covered with a quicker breakdown of these magic bottled waters. Micelles, hence the name micellar waters, that you see at Sephoras, Ultas, and your local drugstores, are a type of surfactant. Each cell contains one end that loves water and another end that loves fat + oil (aka, your makeup). If you think about it, water alone just doesn't cut it when wanting to remove makeup + pore clogging bacteria (that isn't even visible) because we know that oil + water repel each other and separate. The is why these surfactants are so helpful; the fat + oil loving sides are attracted and attatch to the oil on your face, giving it the ability to be removed with a swipe! Want to try it out for yourself? Read on to get the details about these affordable picks below!

Try: Garnier Fructis SkinActive™ Micellar Cleansing Waters

Garnier Fructis currently has two micellar waters in their line of skincare. Both odorless, colorless, and completely gentle, the formulas are both ideal options for irritation prone skin types. With that being said, it's especially good to use when dealing with hard water (water with high mineral content) which can often take a toll on sensitive skin.

To use, it can be applied like any other makeup remover. Cotton balls, cotton rounds, q-tips - any way you choose will work! (TIP: Try using micellar water on exfoliating sponges like these a few times per week to multitask makeup removal + exfoliation all in one go!)

The difference between the two bottles? Though it looks like the only difference is the color of the caps, the blue one is for waterproof makeup as it has a few more added surfactant ingredients including cyclopentasiloxane and isohexadecane - two very common ingredients found in makeup removers.

The product description states that you do not have to rinse after using micellar water, however, I personally like cleansing afterwards like normal and finishing my routine off with a moisturizer/facial oil. 

The final verdict? I 100% reccommend these two products and have personally noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. Less breakouts + a more thourough makeup removal each night; what more could you want? 

Try them out, let me know what you think, and stay tuned for more in this series coming soon! Keep up with the latest by following me on social media linked below!