#LOTD | Subtle Monochromatics ft. BKR Bottles

by Holly Swasko in

adjective  mono·chro·mat·ic  \ˌmän-ə-krō-ˈmat-ik\ 
having or consisting of one color or hue

The monochromatic color scheme is something that was seen all over last year's fashion week runways as well as this year's. From jumpsuits to even makeup looks - you can certainly make a bold statement by donning the hues of one color head-to-toe! Not ready to go full on monochrome? I put my own spin on the trend to give you a little inspiration on how to wear a more subtle version for everyday style. Read on to get the look - 

2016-03-05 07.34.29 1.jpg


With this trend, every color in the rainbow is fair game - just stick to the different hues of one! As pictured above, I incorporated a few shades of an extremely light-nudey pink into my look. I did this through my nails, which are Sally Hansen's 229 Creme De La Creme with a matte top coat, my lace bralette from Charlotte Russe, and my favorite thing atm, my BKR bottle in the shade Bougie!

Side note: These BKR bottles have been EVERYWHERE on my instagram feed lately, so I decided to do a little research and get one of my own! They are so chic and practical for everyday hydration! They are made of glass but have silicone sleeves for protection! They come in a ton of colors so you're bound to find one that fits your everyday style. Fun fact: They're actually inspired by colors seen on the runways of your favorite fashion capitals of the world and each one has a name as well as a cute little description to go along with it. Check out their website linked above! It's an awesome brand with a really fascinating story!

So will you be trying out the monochromatic trend? Hopefully you got a little bit of inspiration to do so with confidence! 

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