New Year, New Routines | Skincare Items To Put Your Best Face Forward

by Holly Swasko in

Welcome 2017! There's always something about the new year that prompts us to hit that mental reset button and get a fresh start. Maybe you're the type to have some new goals in mind, some projects to tackle, or maybe you're just focusing on continuing to better yourself. Whatever the new year means to you, putting your best foot (or face) forward and going into it with confidence is always a good way to start off. 

Speaking of a clean slate, let's talk skincare. No matter the age, perfectly clear, even, and toned skin can often be tricky to achieve and keep looking flawless at all times. Many things can get in the way of this like our lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors that can directly impact the health and appearance of our complexions. But don't worry, not all hope should be lost!

Establishing a simple routine that works for your skin is key to keeping your skin healthy inside and out. Constantly experiementing with too many harsh products can be irritating and can also become confusing when wanting to rule out which ingredients are the culprit for your breakouts. That's why, when it comes to skincare, going back to basics is always a good idea. 

As always, not everyone's skin is the same and will react differently, however, being informed on different products and tailoring them to fit your needs is a great way to find new products that work for you. I've stuck with this particular routine for a while now and it sure never hurts to share! Read on to get the details!

  • To gently take the day off your face and remove every bit of makeup, the Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cotton Extract are amazing. They're unscented and aren't drying either. When you have sensitive skin, can be hard to find a makeup remover that's gentle and allows you to cleanse your face afterwards as well without completely drying out. These are the perfect way to get that initial clean, makeup-free canvas. 
  • To cleanse, Burt's Bees wins again with there Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. This stuff alone has worked wonders for my skin and has noticably definitely calmed and evened out the texture + tone. The natural, more simple ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe definitely have played a role in this. I'm a big believer in opting for more natural ingredients so I definitely reccommend not only this cleanser, but the brand's skincare as a whole. 
  • To moisturize, I use the Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Moisturizer. I've blogged about this entire line a while back (you can find the post here) and their products are just ones that I keep coming back to. It's not something I use as a moisturizer just to say I use a moisturizer - it actually makes a difference in the appearance of my skin! I use this mostly at night and I find it even works great as a spot treatment. Whichever way you use it, it's noticably effective at both clearing and preventing breakouts; win-win!
  • If you're feeling like you need a little extra boost, masks are always a good way to rejuvinate. For a more natural option, try a french green clay mask. I purchased mine from Mountain Rose Herbs as part of a facial set (you can also buy it separately) and it's been my go-to lately. This clay has so many purifying and detoxifying properties and will leave you feeling good about what you're putting on your hard-to-pronounce ingredients here! Simply mix with water to create a paste and rinse after it sets. 

I hope these recommendations will help you in discovering some new favorites for the new year!

Whatever you're choosing to tackle in the coming months, be sure to take care of yourself and to move forward with confidence! Happy new year everyone! I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store. 

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