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by Holly Swasko in

For any beauty product junkie, the term "hit pan" can mean a lot. That first hint of silver on the surface of your favorite bronzer or eyeshadow is the first tell-tale sign that you should probably restock to avoid completely running out. However, sometimes the cost of continually replacing an empty item can add up and it can grow difficult as Sephoras aren't always a hop-skip-and a jump away.

Something that I personally find to be a quick-to-empty item is shampoo. Like the first sight of the pan, the first puff of air that comes out of the shampoo bottle can be just as frustrating. You know you need to restock and you need to do so quick before having to resort to the pile of items that you don't like and just never got around to throwing away... we all have one of those, right? 

To avoid these beauty dilemmas and to save a little extra cash in your wallet, I found a brand of shampoos from L'Oreal that are sure to satisfy your needs for conveniance and most of all, quality to assure the best care for your locks. 

Try: L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System

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This line of shampoos comes in a range of formulas to fit your specific needs. They are all rich with lather and leave your hair feeling clean. The entire line is sulfate and paraben-free making them gentle enough to use on color-treated hair. No harsh chemicals or soaps that will strip your hair of color and natural oils. 

Some of my top hair concerns range from breakage, to frizz, and maybe even a need for a good purple shampooing every now and then. Everpure products has everything covered. 

The Smoothing products are rich and leave my hair silky without being weighed down. This is great to use before those blow-dry or flat-iron styles to ensure a sleek end product. In addition, the rosemary + juniper scent combo makes for a win-win purchase!

The Repair & Defend products are great if one of your concerns is brittle ends that are prone to breakage. The shampoo contains an antioxidant complex of acai, gogi and a UV filter, which are said to provide further protection against color fading and damage. Along with the matching mask found in the line, this pairing promises 3X stronger hair as opposed to other non-conditioning shampoos.  After blow-drying, it leaves my hair feeling strong, healthy, and thick. 

Lastly, a purple shampoo can work wonders on blonde tones that have turned dull and lost their vibrance. The Everpure Blonde products neutralize brassy tones leaving your color fresh and renewed. I find that some purple shampoo formulas to be harsh and drying, however, this one proved to be a mild yet effective option for color-treated locks.

So the next time you find youself running on empty, be sure to check out the Everpure line!

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