End of Winter Transitioning | Styling Florals

by Holly Swasko in

While stores are stocking shelves with the upcoming Spring lines, you're probably left with one hand filled with bulky winter knits, the other full of dreamy floral pastels, and a little bit of shopper's frustration. 

The spring transition is tricky, no doubt, and finding balance between store's enticing, early debuts and winter's chill is tough enough. But with a little creativity along with some mixing and matching, you'll be able to scan those spring racks with confidence - even if it's only January. 

In this series,  I'll be showing you two looks so that you can appropriately don spring's most loved pattern this transition season. Read on to get the look - 


The real key to mixing winter and spring pieces is layering. In this look, I layered a moto-style jacket over the floral for a subtle touch of pattern as well as warmth. I paired these pieces with a pair of high-waisted skinnies and some ankle boots to perfectly balance out the seasons. As you can see, this look can be smoothly transitioned into the spring by removing the jacket - revealing a refashioned off-the-shoulder crop.


So get shopping and stay tuned for the next look coming soon!

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