Minimal Makeup | Tips + Product Picks

by Holly Swasko in

Sometimes there are those days where you ditch the eyeshadow, the lipstick, the full-face bronzer and choose to keep it to a minimum. Then sometimes there are other days where you HAVE to keep it to a minimum. Maybe it's the hot weather, or maybe you're sick, or maybe you simply just woke up late! Regardless of whatever is keeping you from that full-face of makeup, it all comes down to feeling your best in the end.  Today I'm featuring some products to keep in mind the next time you want to keep it natural while still feeling put-together and ready to take on the day! Read on to get the minimal look -

For the face - TRY: Kryolan Dual Finish Powder

Heavy foundations can be, well, heavy! If you're looking for a lighter feel yet a good amount of coverage, then look no further! Kryolan's Dual Finish Powder can be used wet or dry, and provides a gorgeous result with a barely-there feel. I never thought I'd switch from my everyday, usual liquid foundation. However, this is what I've been using in place of it. It makes for a much more natural, clean look. (I love applying it with a standard powder brush and blending it out over spot concealer!)

For the brows - TRY: Milani Easy Brow

If you're looking for a way to highlight your face's structure, then give your brows a little attention! Brows are a great feature to highlight when keeping your look minimal. They frame your face and can give you a whole lot of definition! Just fill in any areas that need it!

For some color - TRY: CG Classic Color Blush 590, Soft Mink

For a natural flush, this is my favorite product! (You can see by the pan!) I think of it as a blush + bronzer in one, as it has the perfect mix of rose and bronze tones to it. Use this on the apples of your cheeks, sweeping up to your temples for a slight contour!

For the lips - TRY: DermStore Lip Quench

Finally, to finish up your fresh-faced look, add a subtle shine with a hydrating lip balm! DermStore's Lip Quench is the perfect formula for moisturizing, and giving your lips a little natural sheen.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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