Skincare Trend | Micellar Waters

by Holly Swasko in ,

The daily magazine flipping as well as the daily scroll through are the ways that I like to catch up on the latest products. Lately, I couldn't help but notice these often sleek, clear bottles being advertised filled with something by the name of micellar water. Water. How could something so simple be such a trendy skincare innovation? Being the skincare nerd that I am, I had to start researching. I soon realized that the science behind these bottled waters are quite fascinating! In today's post, I'm here with the breakdown!

The magic of micellar water is in the name. It's made up of surfactant molecules called micelles! These cells have one side that loves water, hydrophilic, and another side that loves oil. lipophilic, (makeup, dirt, etc.). As you know, oil and water don't mix, they separate! However, as these cells come in contact with your skin, it provides the best of both worlds as the two sides bond with their own substance-loving kind and they are able to emulsify!

Think of the classic Neutrogena splash-the-face commercials - you know which ones I'm talking about! Regular water coming in direct contact with the oil and makeup on your face isn't going to be as thorough or effective due to how they repel off each other. With micelles, the oil loving sides are able to get through allowing your makeup to dissolve with their help!

Micellar waters are versatile, as they are very gentle. Some use them as a makeup remover, others even use them in place of a toner. However you choose to use it, these little cells are powerful, no doubt! 

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