Fall Transitioning | Beauty Statements

by Holly Swasko

Everything starts with an inspiration which then leads to a vision. Big or small, I find myself constantly looking around to stay inspired.

Lately I've been inspired by color and the changes that happen as we head into a different season. With Fall on the brain and after yesterday's post, I've overall just been loving how looks are gradually getting darker. Colors are being reborn into richer hues.

Yesterday I talked about transitioning in terms of clothes, however, your cosmetics are doing the same. An easy way to make a statement? Look no further than your lips and/or your nails!

TRY: Revlon "Plum Baby"

Such a gorgeous color that's flattering to a wide range of skin tones - see the swatches in the link above. It's a bronzy plum shade, but wearable enough for everyday.  I find it really warms up my complexion when worn with some other bronzy tones as pictured. It's a good way to get yourself ready for those bold reds and violets that we all love. Lastly, who doesn't love a little Revlon lipstick to add to their collection? Try it out!

TRY: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Commander in Chic"

I'm all for a good makeup pun, I'll tell you that! But, I'm in love with this color and it will be staying on my nails for quite some time! I actually saw someone wearing a similar color and I was on the hunt that same day. It's a muted taupe/mauve and easily matched with a variety of outfits. This Summer, I've been wearing Essie's Lilacism non-stop, so I find this to be a great way to transition a pastel down to something richer!

So try out these suggestions and remember to always stay inspired! What will you be using to change up your palette?

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