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by Holly Swasko in


I honestly admit I'm not the greatest at hair. Those crazy braids and fancy styles you see all over Pinterest? Definitely not my strong suit. So when it comes to everyday styling, I opt for something simple and make sure that it's full of volume! Whether it's throwing in some easy waves with my trusty curling wand (this Remington one is my savior!), or keeping it smooth and straight -  Regardless, I'm all about big hair that's full of life and volume. If you're like me, luckily the hair & beauty industry is full of products that can make a difference and make it easier to help you get the look you want!

While getting my hair done recently, I was introduced to a product by Bumble and Bumble. It's their Dryspun Finish spray and it's a total game changer! I always found myself trying to create more volume by running some hairspray through my roots - that made somewhat of a difference but this stuff is the real deal in terms of that full, voluminous texture.  Here's a little product info from their website and if you're interested, click here for more!

What it is:
A translucent dry spray for instant fullness and texture.

What it is formulated to do:
This translucent dry spray creates instant fullness and texture to spin hair into an airy silhouette. Raw silk powders with light-holding polymers adhere instantly for a softly interlaced texture to make hair look weightless and effortlessly full—and keep it that way.

Suggested Usage:
-For use on dry hair, after heat-styling.
-Recommended for all hair types and textures including fine hair and color-treated hair.
-Shake well, hold can 10 inches away from dry hair, and spray in even strokes where you want lift and airy texture.
-Bb. stylist tip: To refresh styles that have lost oomph to humidity or gravity, spray liberally at roots, then ruffle with hands for instant fullness.

Hopefully this inspires you to give this product a try! Let me know what you think -

Also, a big thank-you to Bukés Salon in Clarendon Hills. If you're in the area and are looking for great salon/spa services, then this is your place! From nails to hair and so much more, the results are always beautiful! Visit their site here.

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