Manicure Monday | Matte Pearl Glaze

by Holly Swasko in

When it comes to looking your best, things like your outfit, makeup and hair are often the focus of your overall look, which they rightfully should be. (I'm sure you're checking on at least one of these things whenever you stop at the mirror!) Needless to say, we all love putting time into them. However, something else that I personally find just as important are your nails! Though they don't necessarily require a mirror, they're within your view all day long!

I'm the kind of girl who always has to have a shiny coat of polish on my nails. Though it may seem like a small detail, to me, I feel much more "put-together" when they look nice... Or should I say more POLISHED? ;)


For this manicure, I decided to switch it up from my usual lustrous finish and try out Revlon's newest line of nail polishes which are their Transforming Effects Top Coats. It features 8 different effects ranging from glitters to holographic glazes that are said to transform your look. I chose to purchase 785 Matte Pearl Glaze - I was intrigued because 1.) I've never tried out the trendy matte texture before and 2.) Studying the bottle, it had this gorgeous soft, pink, iridescence to it - probably where the whole pearl concept came from. This particular polish from the collection takes 2 completely different things (the dull matte look + a shiny pearl finish) and combines them to create a beautiful texture to add over any polish.

I paired this effect with Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in 410 Femme Feather -  An opaque ballet pink color. (I've been on the hunt for a good, solid light pink that suits my skin tone. This one is great!)

Though I have to say that I prefer my classic shiny finish for everyday because I find that it makes for a cleaner, healthier look, the matte finish was fun to experiment with. I will definitely be giving it more chances in the future... (dreaming about pairing it with a darker, richer color this fall!)

So if you're looking to switch things up while still playing it safe color-wise, I hope this combo inspires you to do so!

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