My Online Shopping Tips + My Favorite Sites!

by Holly Swasko

It's no doubt that throughout the years, online shopping has not only grown in popularity but it has also taken consumers from browsing the aisles to simply scrolling through pages of items on the glowing screens of their laptops and phones. 

Now I know that there's nothing like the struggle of walking through the store with too many hangers in your hand and the relief of setting everything down in the dressing room, followed by the view of the overwhelming pile of clothes that you absent mindedly accumulated... (Okay maybe a bit dramatic but relatable, right?) It's a classic trip to your favorite store, and it can be tough to replicate. However, online shopping is convenient and can still be that much of an adventure. 

Life gets busy and maybe your favorite stores aren't a walk around the block. Online shopping can make your life a whole lot easier, so I'm here to show you some of my tips along with my favorite sites so you can shop smart and work on filling up that cart!

My picks - 


My tips - 

  1. My number one tip is to take your time when planning your order. When I build my cart, I scan for possible items I want to buy and add them to my cart. I do this whenever I have extra time over the course of a few days. Once I accumulated a fair amount of items in my cart, I look back and narrow down my selections by asking two questions - 1.) Will I actually wear this? and 2.) Is it able to be paired with a wide array of other items? These questions are really important, will help you get the most out of the things you choose, and will help you have the best possible luck, because I understand that returning items isn't everyone's favorite activity.
  2. Always check out the site's homepage for possible promo codes and daily deals. This is where they usually advertise there promotions they have going on, so always keep your eyes open for that! (Charlotte Russe always has new unbelievable online deals everyday - and check out their Happy Hour too!)
  3. I know it can be annoying when stores ask you to sign up for email news and notifications, but you can really benefit from them in the long run. Stores send out coupons in emails daily so subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! 
  4. Take advantage of the "basics" section. This is a collection of essential, versatile items that are always affordable. There is usually a category for this on all store's sites so check it out! I find so many of my long time favorite key pieces in sections like this. It saves money as they are able to be worn again & again and paired with tons of other things.
  5. Pay attention to your total when it comes time to pay. A lot of stores have offers like "free shipping when you spend $50 or more" - if your total is $49 dollars, then it might be a good idea to add those earrings you've been eyeing. You could potentially be saving some money that way. Just be sure to pay attention and calculate for the best deal. 
  6. As mentioned earlier, returns and exchanges are no fun. Whenever I'm on the subject of online shopping, a common concern is always about sizing. How do you know what size to get? Utilize the size charts available on the website! In my experience, they are usually very accurate and can give you some insight as to how the sizes run at the particular store. You can also check out the descriptions on individual items. Sometimes there are measurements of the garments themselves available. 

I hope these tips inspire you to venture into the online shopping world with confidence. Enjoy!