How to | The Perfect Manicure

by Holly Swasko

When it comes to makeup and beauty routines, no one is perfect all the time. We forget things, we may skip a step, and maybe our organization isn't how we'd like it to be. There are skills we wish we could improve upon and eyeshadow looks we want to master. With makeup, I find, I never stop learning. There's so much to practice and so many possibilities that we're bound to run into mistakes. From those mistakes is where we can start to learn more about what works and what doesn't. That's when improvement really starts to happen. 

For me, something that has never been perfect when it comes to my beauty routine are my nails. Nail biting has always been a mindless habit so they're always pretty short in length. It's definitely something I wish I could improve on, and I know one day I'll get there. 

For now, I found a product that can instantly give me the long nails that I want in whatever color I want!


This little kit of mine has been my obsession lately! It comes with 100 different sized artificial nails and a bottle of nail glue. What I like about them is that you aren't stuck with buying the pre-designed ones. This kit contains nails that don't have any color on them yet so you're free to paint them however you please!

Application is easy. Just apply the glue to the nail itself, your natural nail, and press on! I've had them on for about a week and they held up nicely! Maybe a touch-up here and there but overall, I think it's an amazing, cheaper alternative to salon nails as the results are beautiful!

The kits also come in different shapes. I'm wearing the active-oval ones and pictured is the color Penny Talk by Essie.

Try em' out and enjoy!

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