Top 3 | Favorite Editing Apps For Blogging

by Holly Swasko

When blogging, the process of making photos look their best is pretty important to me! Editing pictures can really make them come to life in regards to beauty products and clothing items. My goal is to always showcase the best representation of them when it comes to colors, textures, and things like that. When blogging, I'm either using my LG G3 phone camera, or my little digital one. And since we're on the subject anyway, who doesn't love a good selfie? ;)

Here are my top 3 favorite editing apps!

  • Afterlight:  Afterlight (pictured) is one of those apps that literally has everything you need. Basic fixes like cropping and rotating are available as well as other more thorough editing features like saturation, shadows, and highlights that can help bring out colors of products and such. I also use this to get the white border for Instagram (definitely a lifesaver). There are also a TON of filters (I use the "wicker" filter so often - it works on every picture!) 

  • VSCO: This is probably the most popular photo editing app right now and I can definitely see why! Though I don't currently have a VSCO feed, I still use it for editing. I like it because the filters can literally make a photo look good under any lighting situation which can be tricky otherwise. Try it out and you'll see what I mean! It also comes with basic fixes like Afterlight does which is super helpful! 

  • B612: Last but not least, probably my favorite out of all of these! B612 is the simplest but most fun to play around with of the 3! It's described as "the ultimate selfie app", (I know, I know). It's basically a filtered camera, so you can't choose photos to edit from your gallery. It's really straight-to-the-point, as you swipe to change the filter, tap anywhere to capture, and save it to your gallery! I like it because the filter is applied to the camera before you capture so you can see how it looks beforehand. So have fun with this one! 

Hope this helped some of you out!

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