Current Polish Favorite | Chillato x Essie

by Holly Swasko

In my last post, Summer product roundup,  I featured two Essie polishes that I've been loving for the Summer. Lilacism and Penny talk have  been my go-to shades lately but I just found another one to add to that list and it is a must share! 

This one in particular caught my eye while I was shopping because I realized I had no color like it! Featured in their Summer 2015 collection, Chillato by Essie is described as "frozen cream pistachio."

I'm usually not too daring when going about colors. I stick to the pastel pinks, reds, and purples. However, I find this one completely wearable! Within the last year or two, mint green nails have seemed to be the big thing for spring and summer. This isn't exactly mint because of the yellow tone to it but I can definitely see it in the same trending category of light greens. 

Final thoughts? It will be staying on my nails for quite some time! Try it out!

What shade are you wearing right now? (*Click here to see how I get the perfect manicure!)

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