3 Ways To Wear | Skorts

by Holly Swasko

Whenever I think of skorts, it brings me back to kindergarten. Running around with a denim jacket, skort, and most likely a high ponytail...

Sometimes fashion can bring you way back, and when noticed that skorts were making a comeback, I knew I had to get my hands on one (or four!) - because now, this childhood favorite of mine has been transformed and redesigned into one of my new favorite key pieces to style. So I'll show you 3 different outfits you can create - all built around one skort!

I found this one at Kohls from the brand About A Girl. They're essentially worn like shorts yet the skirt part comes into play with this gorgeous envelope front. 

  1. Classic Crop Top - There's something magical about the simplicity of crop tops. Sometimes it's all you need to pull an outfit together. 

  2. Bustier + Slouchy Sweater - Again, they're such basic items, but when worn together with the pattern on the skort, it just looks really coordinated. Not too much, yet not too plain!

  3. Chambray wrap - If you're not into the cropped trend, a little trick I love using when styling outfits is pairing a cropped shirt with a chambray button-up! Just tie the button-up around your waist and it fills the gap but makes for a cute dressed-down look!

Let this inspire you to come up with more ways to style your favorite piece! It may even give you a chance to rediscover those clothes in a pile on the bottom of your closet... (Everyone has one of those, right?) ;)

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