Fashion With a Deeper Meaning + Exciting Announcement | The Elephant Pants™

by Holly Swasko

Something I've always believed in is the power that beauty and fashion have in their ability to reach out and connect with boundless different aspects of our world. They can promote confidence, ignite passions, tell stories, unite people. It's a language in itself and a creative vessel in which we use to share this love. ♡

This is why I'm so excited to share that I'm now an ambassador for The Elephant Pants! The Elephant Pants is a brand with an amazing cause to support. Every purchase donates to the African Wildlife Fund to support their "Say No" Campaign. The campaign is aiming to help stop the demand for illegal wildlife products, specifically ivory and rhino horn. With each purchase, you can help make a difference and spread awareness. 

*Use discount code "hollyswasko" to get 15% off at checkout

Their products include pants, shorts, jewelry, and homegoods in a variety of gorgeous designs and colors to choose from!

*Pictured are their Classic Pants in "John L. Sullivan." 

*Pictured are their Classic Pants in "John L. Sullivan." 

Fashion has an amazing way of communicating through a medium that speaks to everyone in one way or another and it makes me so happy to know that through it, we can reach out and use it to better our world. ♡

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