A Goodbye To 2014

by Holly Swasko

Now that 2015 is here, I decided to do a little 2014 reflection post to remember one really amazing year.

I've always loved reading blogs, and a year ago, makeup and fashion was simply a hobby. Being in high school, they were something that I could only dream about working with in a future career. 

But it was one day that I had an idea. I had a desire to share the tips and tricks that I know and hopefully help people find their own confidence through beauty and self-love at the same time. 

Still currently in high school, I learned something this past year. You don't need to wait to start living your future dreams. Once you share your passions and motivations with people, they really can become a reality. This is what blogging has done for me. It's given me the oppritunity to share my thoughts and connect with people all while focusing on the things I love, beauty and fashion. It all starts with a motive.

So best wishes for the new year, 2015 and a big thank you for reading! I hope this inspired you in some way to start sharing your talents and passions in one way or the other. You never know who might be listening.

Finally, I hope this year is full of happiness and that you will always stay clothed in confidence -

Happy New Year!