#ConfidenceChat | Transformations & Unfinished Puzzles

by Holly Swasko in

With social media, photos can often speak louder than words…especially when we’re limited in characters (or when we just can’t think of a dang caption.) It’s our photos that do most of the talking nowadays.

Think of the last time you mindlessly scrolled through Instagram; I bet you didn’t pause on each photo in your feed to carefully read each and every captioned word. Subconsciously, we scroll, we see, we react, we scroll some more, pause, skim, compare our lives to another’s, and repeat; all without really knowing the depths of each unique story that’s behind it. (I know I’m guilty of the scroll!) But my point is, is that there’s always more than meets the eye.

And that brings me to the topic I wanted to chat about today: before and after posts on social media. The weight loss transformations you see in your feed. It’s awesome to see people and how they changed their lives for the better - mentally, physically; it all reflects outward, no doubt. However, it can be easy to see them and compare your own journey to theirs and become quick to feel discouraged, again, without ever really knowing the story behind it all.

And this can apply to all areas of life. If you find yourself comparing other’s journey’s with your own, pause, breathe, and know this; we often see a finished puzzle. Not the trial and error of picking up the pieces it took to get there. To show you, I’m sharing my own before and after.


I could go ahead and caption it “9 years and 40 pounds later” and call it a day, but I’d only be telling part of the truth. Sure, weight was lost, and lifestyle changes were made; yet working out & a healthy diet were only mere pieces to my puzzle, despite what you might see on the surface. The other pieces were love, acceptance, learning, and time - several years spent away from the number on the scale and numerics altogether.

So next time you start comparing your own journey to the one next to you, here’s your reminder that our stories are constantly being written; woven and stitched together by moments of both smooth sailing and rocky climbs. Here’s your reminder that no one’s is perfect, nor finished, despite what you might perceive.

Here’s to who we were yesterday, who we are today, and who we’ll be tomorrow. Here’s to the parts of our story that tell it all.

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