Winter Skin Saver | Liquid Oxygen's New Hydrating Facial Lotion!

by Holly Swasko in

With winter dryness and harsh weather creeping up on us, it’s no surprise that you may begin to soon (or already) see and feel the effects on your skin. Winters here are harsh and long, and though I can’t control this crazy midwest weather each year, I’m happy that I do have a say in the products I use!

One product I’ve been loving lately is Liquid Oxygen’s newest Hydrating Facial Moisturizer that just came out in time for winter and the holidays!

Try: Liquid Oxygen’s Hydrating Facial Moisturizer


Liquid Oxygen is a brand I’ve been keeping in my routine for almost 3 years now, and I can’t say enough about their products - especially this latest one! I noticed a major difference in my skin when I initially started with their cleanser a few years back, and became a huge fan of the whole line because they’re the type of products that truly do work.

Having a solid moisturizer that I can reach for both morning and night is super important to me and I love their latest one because it’s not heavy, so I feel good about wearing it under makeup, and it has been keeping my skin so clear at the same time! Check out some of the benefits from their site below -


  • Instantly replenishes moisture in sensitive facial skin.

  • Oxygenates your skin as it deeply moisturizes.

  • Hyaluronic acid provides lasting hydration.

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines.

  • Brightens and evens skin tone.

  • Made for all skin types, and especially sensitive skin.

Like everyone, I do have the occasional breakout, and  notice that if I begin to see the start of one, I put this on at night, and my skin is totally calmed down and healing by morning.

I’ve also noticed that my skin feels a lot more balanced as its been controlling my oil throughout the day yet it doesn’t feel dry or stripped - just healthy and moisturized! I think finding that balance is so important in the winter time amidst all of the harsh temps, winds, and dryness - it’s good to have a standby that will keep your skin in-check regardless of the conditions it faces day-to-day.

(Also check out their Youtube channel and my video below!)

So clear, healthy skin you can feel confident about for the holidays? Sounds like a good gift to me! Check out all of their products here!

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