#TogetherWeAreTrue | Celebrating YOU ft. True&Co's True Body Collection

by Holly Swasko in ,

A personal forever-mission, a shift that we all have the ability to take part in, an ongoing, societal push. A movement that has come so far, but one in which we still can strive to push further; the defying from the roots of the belief that there is only one singular, worthy, “in-style” body type that should be celebrated.

Growing up in the midst of the digital age, I’ve witnessed the early beginnings and the present-day constant progression of positive steps taken toward evolving today’s advertising culture as we know it. I’ve seen barriers broken, brand images rebuilt, realness and all sizes finally being represented, seen, and celebrated.


Yet I’ve also been on the other side. The side that flipped though magazines, saw one only one body type and felt inadequate, becoming numb to highly-photoshopped images. The side that thought curves were things needed to be “worked off”, “shed,” all in the name of beauty. The side that asked, “why is my shape a little different?” “Maybe I’ll finally be liked if my numbers matched x, y, and z.” The same side that, in the midst of it all, couldn’t help but stand skeptical, asking “Is this it?”

Needless to say, I’ve grown up in an age influenced by the good, the bad, the ugly. And growing older, thinking of the age that future generations will grow up in, what advertisements they will see, what messages will be sent, what will shape of their ideas of beauty, makes the act of being able to support these brands and their positive steps all the more passionate and heavy on my mind, as they will all soon be a results of the moves we make today.

That’s why when I’m given the chance to support a brand like True&Co and bring their message and products to light, I can’t say anything else but firm, bold, “heck yes,” as I think of all of the values they celebrate and the community, the home, they strive to create for me, for you, for everyone, all shapes, all sizes. No favorites, no singular molds, no exceptions. Why? Because it is our job to carry these values forward. It is together that we are true.

True & Co’s True Body Collection

Pictured: Shop the True Body Triangle Racerback & the True Body Hipster

What I like about True & Co is that they cater to way beyond the numbers and just the standard cup and band size. They celebrate everyone’s unique shape and even developed an algorithm-based quiz that goes in depth to ensure a great fit, and most of all, pieces that you can feel your most confident self in.

I have to say, all of the pieces from the True Body Collection are so smooth and seamless. They truly feel like they were made specifically and uniquely for you! Confidence begins on the inside, no doubt, but help and a boost from the pieces that support you underneath never hurt either.

If I alone can help just one girl celebrate her shape, then so be it.

If I alone can help one girl think, “hey, she looks like me,” then so be it.

If I alone can be a small light to the next generation, then so be it.

If I alone can speak a few real, encouraging words to help someone journeying to love themselves, then so be it.

So to answer my pre-teen self’s, “Is this it?” No. It certainly wasn’t and still isn’t. There’s more to beauty than 1 size, 1 mold, 1 specific look, the highly edited images we encounter from day-to-day. We’ve come so far, and yet always have more to go. And with brands like True&Co and mindsets toward progression, we’re getting there, little by little, day by day.


If I alone can do these things, then what can we do together? It doesn’t stop with ad culture, it doesn’t rest with me, it’s about the girl to the left of me, the girl to the right, the girl who’s afraid, the girl who’s struggling, the girl who’s becoming, the girl who’s thriving, it’s about YOU, yes, the one reading this. It’s up to all of us to celebrate who we are in the moment and to strive to walk a little more confidently and joyous in who we are each day; it’s about lifting each other up. It’s about us; remaining true. Because it is together that we are true.

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